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Garden furnitures
Garden furnitures


cottages|garages and stables|garden furnitures|plunge tubs|saunas|cum construim o casă din lemn?


GEOGarden house BallaTool shed ez2Pavilion imre-hazGarden house
Kep_004Garden furniture P1010254Garden furniture sorpadGarden furniture
pavilionpavilion tool shedtool shed

casute de gradina-kerti fahazakwc



kerti_padgarden furnitures


kerti_padokgarden furnitures

kerti-fahazak-garazsokWooden cottage + Garage kerti-fahazak-garazsok2Wooden cottage + Garage kerti-fahazak-garazsok3Wooden cottage + Garage kerti fahazak-garazsok-alaprajzWooden cottage + Garage
kerti butorok-pavilioane-5pavilion

kerti butorok-pavilioane-1pavilion


kerti butorok-pavilioane-4pavilion

kerti butorok-pavilioane-2pavilion


kerti butorok-pavilioane-6pavilion

kerti butorok-pavilioane-3garden furnitures


kerti butorok-pavilioane-7garden furnitures

kerti-filagoriak-bcs1garden furniture

kerti-filagoriak-bcs2garden furniture


filagoriak-bcs2garden furniture




filagoriak-bcs1garden furniture







P1010277Pavilion, roofing

P1010254Tool shed

P1010257Tool shed

kerti fahazaktool shed

P1010259Tool shed

kerti fahazak-2tool shed

kerti házaktool shed
PB281408oldalkiosk kioskkiosk PB271389kiosk PB271387kiosk





vasarbode_1kiosk vasarbode_2kiosk vasarbode_3kiosk
garden housegarden house


garden housegarden house

DSCN0396modTool shed

garden houseGarden house

buzauGarden house

tool shedtool shed

kerti-fahaz2garden house kerti-fahaz1garden house kerti-fahaz3garden house kerti-fahaz-alaprajzgarden house






kep0ground plan














pavilonokpavilion pavilonok2pavilion pavilionok3pavilion pavilonok4pavilion
kerti_butorok_bvsPavilion with garden furnitures kerti_butorok_bvs2Pavilion with garden furnitures kerti_asztal_1garden furniture kerti-butorok-bvsgarden furnitures



fa-kerites1wooden fence



fa-kerites2wooden fence


kerti-fahazak-f2garden house

kerti-fahazak-f1garden house

fa-kerti-butorok2garden furniture

garden furnituregarden furniture

garden furnituregarden furniture

garden furnituregarden furniture

garden housegarden house

garden housegarden house


garden housesgarden house

kerti fahazak-ry3garden house


garden housesgarden house

casute de gradina din lemngarden house


garden housesgarden house-ground plan

Garden chalets


Garden chalets are tailored to customer's requirements. It's built from 40-65mm thick timber, while the floor is made of 20mm thick 'marine-slat' or OBS sheets. The ceiling  line with 20mm thick timber.
Doors and windows are made of timber in traditional fashion, but can follow customer's request. Ei: Thermo pan..
These building can be used varied recreational activities, entertainments or storage. Not insulated, but we can do that to customer's wish. 


Garden furniture


Garden furnitures are special, as they are used  externally. They have to be built from carefully selected, quality timbers that can stand up for the elements, conditions.

The size of the furnitures can be tailored to customer's need and to the available space.
On our website there are a few types of timber furniture, pavilions, pergolas, patios, gazebos and cubby house that may help select the customer, however we welcome individual plans and ideas.


Timber Kiosks


These small structures are built from 40mm timber walls and double milled beams or assembly panels.

The 40mm type kiosk  are bigger size, while the panel assemblies are smaller structures.

Panel assemblies are easy to erect, transport or store.

We can -again- offer our standard products or  build to customer's specifications or requirements. The roof is lined with 20mm thick boards on the of beams that is visible from inside. There is a front door and one or two windows and shutters that opens horizontally to serve as display shelf or desk. We can make timber floor to customer's request, requirements so it can be used in all seasons.



cottages|garages and stables|garden furnitures|plunge tubs|saunas|cum construim o casă din lemn?


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